All Eyes On Wagner project investigates 3 areas: human rights abuses, business activities and expansion vectors

We rely exclusively on open source material and verified information sent to us.

Come follow the redwood trees – tracking Wagner’s forestry business in CAR

Alongside the European Investigative Collaborations network, we have identified a new company specialised in the timber business in the Central African Republic related to the Wagner/ Prigozhin galaxy. What was our research process? How did we do it? Here we detail our open source research methodology and approach to investigating Wagner mercenaries where they operate. […]

Bilan d’avril 2022 : allégations récurrentes d’atteintes aux droits humains, vecteurs d’expansion inhabituels et prédation économique

All Eyes On Wagner lance cette carte open source et interactive rassemblant les allégations de violations des droits de l’homme, les recherches OSINT sur la prédation économique et le suivi de l’expansion du groupe. La carte peut être utilisée par les décideurs politiques, les journalistes et d’autres chercheurs OSINT pour suivre les activités des mercenaires […]

Report for April 2022 : recurrent human rights abuses claims, unusual expansion vectors and economic predation

All Eyes On Wagner is launching this open source and interactive map collating claims of human rights abuses, OSINT research on economic predation and tracking of expansion. The map can be used by policymakers, journalists, and other OSINT researchers to track Wagner mercenaries activities worldwide. It will be updated as the project progresses. These first […]

Recruitment campaigns in Ukraine and Africa/Middle-East

Like any organisation, the PMC Wagner sees its payroll vary according to its customers and the demand for mercenaries to be sent where the group is established or in the process of being established. Recruitment is therefore an indicator of expansion that can be monitored to better understand the activity of the PMC Wagner. Ukraine: […]

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