All Eyes On Wagner project investigates 3 areas: human rights abuses, business activities and expansion vectors

We rely exclusively on open source material and verified information sent to us.

Wood for Mercenaries: on the road to international markets

Our new report comes back on our previous investigation on Bois Rouge conducted with our partner EIC Network in July 2022. Key findings in the report include: This investigation was done with discussion and support from CBS News. Watch their report. Download our report in English

Libya: Wagner Group’s logistics platform

Wagner delivering weapons to RSF from Libya On April 13 at around 9:15 p.m. CET, Gerjon identified the TL-KPA aircraft over Cyprus on approach to Latakia airport in Syria, where Russian armed forces and Wagner group contingents are still stationed. According to satellite data that we were able to cross on Sentinel Hub, Planet and…

Libye: Plateforme Logistique du Groupe Wagner

Wagner livre des armes depuis la Libye aux FSR Le 13 avril dernier vers 21:15 CET, Gerjon identifie l’avion TL-KPA au-dessus de Chypre en approche de l’aéroport de Latakia en Syrie où sont encore stationnées des forces armées russes et des contingents du groupe Wagner. D’après des données satellites que nous avons pu croiser sur…

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