Open source research for accountability.

Our mission

All Eyes On Wagner is a project focusing on Wagner mercenaries: tracking their activities and verifying claims of human rights and economic abuses. We rely on open source information and witnesses accounts/leads sent to us which are collected, archived and verified. Our objective is to become a reliable source of information on Wagner mercenaries for key human rights organisations

Who we are

The project has been historically initiated by OpenFacto, a French not for profit organisation with expertise in open-source investigations (OSINT). AEOW is today independent and does not have any financial support.

It is managed on a voluntary-basis by a group of 8 volunteers on their free time from different nationalities and backgrounds: journalists, investigators, experts on disinformation, students, humanitarian and academics. Friends and contacts often provide an extra hand: graphism, research, editing, good advice.

Send us tips

Help us focus on the right trail, send us tips, privilege information, closed source info and report abuses: investigatingwagner@protonmail.com

Legal mentions

For question regarding our publications/ right of answer: Sophie Gawner – sophie@alleyesonwagner.org

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