ALL EYES ON WAGNER – open source research for accountability.

Our mission

All Eyes On Wagner is a project focusing on Wagner mercenaries: tracking their activities and verifying claims of human rights and economic abuses. We rely on open source information and witnesses accounts/leads sent to us which are collected, archived and verified. Our objective is to become a reliable source of information on Wagner mercenaries for key human rights organisations.

Who we are

The project is launched by OpenFacto, a French not for profit organisation with expertise in open-source investigations (OSINT). Not supported financially, it relies on a team of volunteers whose identities are not disclosed for security reasons. PMC Wagner has been widely studied by the OSINT communities. Therefore we welcome partner organisations and OSINTers to join to turn this project into the OSINT community’s flagship case. Please get in touch! If you would like to support us and help us continue this important work, contact us too!