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We are happy to take volunteer article submissions on our site related to Evgeny Prigozhin and Wagner group using open source investigative techniques. Please contact us for a first chat and do not send us unsolicited attachments with your initial email.

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All Eyes On Wagner is a voluntary-based project. With curated analysis based on open source data and testimonies, AEOW has shed light on Wagner group organisation and its influence around the world. In order to make a long-lasting impact we are now welcoming your support and partnership.

In order to maintain our editorial independence, we will not allow any funding relationship to constrain us from criticising any bodies that provide funds, exposing any wrongdoing in which said bodies. We welcome discussion with partners on which we can perform a due diligence and who are willing to support our work publicly and in full transparency.

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We welcome in-kind donations of software and database accesses and platform resources and database access. They are critical to our work.

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